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How Exactly does A Typical
Executive Search Firm Operate?

In business it's always good to know your competition. In a hunt for an executive job, it's good to know about the executive recruiters. The more you know about an executive search firm and executive recruiter, the more you will learn about how to make them pick you for the next job opening they have.

Once a company realizes they have a need, they call in an executive recruiter to fill it. There is a contract between two to accomplish this task. Executive recruiters are either retained, where they get a retainer fee to find the right employee, or work on a contingency, meaning they only get paid if the right candidate is found for the job.

The recruiter will then get to know as much about the position as they can, so create a profile of the person needed to fill that role.

Next, the recruiter takes the profile they have created and looks at the leadership in other companies in the same field, as well as other possible candidates on the market. Each of those candidates is sized up as to how well they would fit the new role.

The new narrowed down list will be shown to the client for approval. 

Now the executive recruiter / search firm will start contacting those potential candidates. These meetings are very confidential as often the recruiter is trying to pull an executive from another company for the open role.

After all the potential candidates are interviewed, in depth reports will be created on each of them, and presented to the client for them to make a choice. 

The last part of the recruiter's job is the negotiation of a final contract. They help in keeping good talks going between the two sides until the company is happy and they can collect their fee.

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