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Executive Career Change - Is It Worth It?

So, you think you're ready for an executive career change and a new scene. You're itching to leave your current executive career, find suitable executive recruiters and change to a new career. Before you jump ship and start swimming, make sure you're making this decision for the right reasons.

You need to take a self-assessment before making any drastic changes to your current job life. Try to figure out why it is you are thinking of leaving. Is it you or is it your current company? It doesn't have to be the company as a whole but it could be a boss, or something else that is making you want to get away from your office. Or is it just that you have gotten into a rut? There's nothing really wrong at work, but you're just tired of it and want to try something new.

Before you take off down a road towards a new career, you need to have a clear destination in sight. It's time to do your research and look into the jobs out there. As you scan the career field, are there certain job descriptions that are calling to you much more than the job you are doing now. If so, make a list of those fields and positions and start to research them more closely.

While some jobs may look great on the surface, there may also be a side to them you don't see. Talk to people who are already doing that job and find out if it's what you had hoped. Many people are more than willing to tell you the bad parts of their job.

Once you decide you are ready to make the career change, this is not something you should do overnight. Making a good career plan and following it through can take months or even a year. So, don't get your sights set on leaving your current company and changing career right away.

Take your time and make sure every step of your career change is taken on carefully and intelligently.

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