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Connecting With Executive Recruiters And Search Firms

Our priority is to help save your time in the executive job hunting process. Who wants to spend hours, weeks or months (sometimes years) searching for executive jobs, executive recruiters, management recruiters or executive search firms?

With ExecutiveTrumpet, rather than sending your resume to one recruiter at a time or applying for one job at a time, now you can enter your details just once and reach multiple, targeted executive recruiters and search firms in minutes.

In addition to saving your time, we increase your exposure. There could be one or two recruiters out there with the perfect job for you. Unless they know of you, you may never get to hear of the opportunity. By precisely targeting recruiters in your industry, salary level, function and industry/sector we increase your chances of landing your perfect job.

We offer resumes to executive and management recruiters for free and so we can gain a considerable amount of exposure for you. In addition, we promote the service to recruiters on an ongoing basis.

So, you get to save a lot of time, and recruiters get to receive a resume that they are interested in. More importantly, your resume gains targeted exposure as it will be relevant to the executive recruiters that we send it to.

Our time-saving service is only suitable for those seeking executive jobs or management jobs in the US or Canada.

Executive Recruiters

Why Use ExecutiveTrumpet?

We offer you a simple, timesaving and effective way to connect.

If you were to spend four hours a week on your job search over a three month period, you would have spent 48 hours on your search. If we take 40 hours off your job search, and your hourly rate works out to be $36, we would have saved you near to $1,471 in time alone.

In addition, ExecutiveTrumpet is well-placed to help you to connect with those that can place you. If you take a look at our comparison chart below you'll see why:

The ExecutiveTrumpet Difference

ExecutiveTrumpet Other Services
Reaches the recruiters' inboxes directly with your resume, in an email, on its own. Puts the resume into a database, where it will compete with usually around 150,000+ other resumes.
Does not charge recruiters. This enables us to build and retain a network consisting of thousands. Charge recruiters, typically between $1,200 and $10,000 per annum.
Not tied to recruiters from a single job board, directory or association Tied to recruiters from a single job board or single directory or association.
Is guaranteed to get you a response that you are satisfied with or will issue a full refund, or, will redistribute your resume following a resume review. Your choice. Not guaranteed
Your resume is read by a human who searches our network for relevant recruiters. Are fully automated.
Sends your resume to multiple, targeted recruiters and it only takes 3 minutes. Apply for one job and send your resume to one recruiter at a time.
Provides continued appeal to recruiters due to our extensive resume filtering capabilities. Typically contain less sophisticated resume filtering capabilities, making it harder to retain recruiters.

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Executive Recruiters

Connect with the right recruiters in 3 simple steps:

1. Choose the recruiters you wish to target based on salary level, industry, function and region.

2. Add your cover letter and attach your resume.

3. Choose your package.

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Save weeks or even months of your most valuable resource - time.

Target executive recruiters based on your salary, function, industry and regions.