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The Executive Resume Writing Kit
Easily Create A Great Executive Resume

Have Executive Recruiters Call You
With Quality Job Interviews

Our Executive Resume Writing Kit is produced with the specific purpose of enabling you to quickly produce an effective executive resume that wins you interviews -- without spending the $700 to $1500 it takes to hire a top executive resume writer.

Developed by our own management team and a Certified Professional Resume Writer, the Executive Resume Writing Kit provides you with everything you need to write an effective, interview-getting executive resume in minutes.

We'll Take You Through Everything You Need To Know To Write A
Compelling Executive Resume With Our Step-By-Step System

We've structured the Executive Resume Writing Kit in order to make it as simple for you as possible to write a high-class executive resume.

We guide you step-by-step through the entire process in plain English. We guide you through each stage of writing your resume with very clear, easy to follow information.

In addition to clear, step-by-step help with the contents of your executive resume, we also include 8 stunning executive resume templates covering various job functions.

What Does The Executive Resume Writing Kit Contain?


Preparation and Questions To Ask Yourself - in this section we take you through exactly how you need to prepare for the production of your executive resume.

Executive Resume Keypoints - here we look at various factors that help to ensure that everything in your executive resume counts and helps you to get more interviews. Specifically, we look at:

- What your resume is not
- The most effective resumes are...
- What you must leave out of your executive resume
- Executive resume length
- Why evidence is important
- Why pronouns and articles do not belong in a resume
- Keywords are crucial
- Why you should not use the phrase "responsible for"
- Organization of your resume
- Proof reading

Components of a resume - we show you exactly how to produce each section of your executive CV / resume.

- Summary / Profile
- Experience
- Professional Experience
- Education
- Additional Sections (Affiliations, Technical Skills, Activities)
- Creating a Scanable and ASCII Resume

Executive Resume Templates
- stunning, professional, up-to-date resume templates for you to use immediately. These effective executive resume templates contain effective layouts and pointers for your resume.

- Sales
- Technology
- HR
- Operations
- Law
- Consulting
- Finance

Executive Career Profile Examples - the Career Profile or Summary, is another key part of your resume. Here, we provide examples of profiles for different job functions that you can easily modify to suit your needs.

Writing Effective Bullet Points Using Action Keywords
- bullet points are the building blocks of any resume. Here we look at how you create highly effective bullet points for your executive resume.

- Choose The Contribution
- Specialization
- Get The Level Right
- Pick And Pair Keywords (from 177 Action Keywords)
- Perfecting
- Examples

More Writing Guidelines and Points To Consider - once you've produced your resume here are some additional considerations.

Claim Your Great, Interview-Getting Resume Today

You can claim your copy of the Executive Resume Writing Kit today. Rather than spending $700 to $1,500 on a top executive resume writer, you can access all of the information and templates in the Executive Resume Writing Kit for a year for just $79.

We have just launched the Executive Resume Writing Kit and the $79 price is a launch special.

Start Creating Your Great Resume Now

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