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Contingency Executive Search Firms

Top Contingency Executive Search Firms - An Overview

As an executive candidate looking for a new company to work for, you are likely going to get in contact with contingency executive search firms and executive recruiters. For the most part, contingency executive search firms are much like the classified broker for mid-level executives. When a company lets them know they are looking for an employee, the firm goes through their database of possible candidates and tries to make a match. If you are on the hunt for a new executive job, you need to be in that database.

The network that contingency executive search firms use to fill open positions is by banking all the possible candidates they can think of. They want as many candidates on hand to hopefully make a quick match for a company. After all, they only get paid once the company selects and hires a candidate. The faster they can place a candidate with a firm, the faster they get paid and move on to the next job. For a prospective candidate this is a good thing. This firm will be working with a number of companies, trying to fill a number of positions. While they do have a lot of candidates for the jobs in their database, if you are in that list, you are one of the people being considered each time new jobs come up.

Unlike other search firm styles, contingency executive search firms are not as field-specific. They often work for companies filling jobs in a variety of industries.

From a company standpoint, there are ups and downs to working with a contingency executive search firm. When you need a specialized employee, such as a programmer, they will be able to find a person with the right qualifications from their database. But, since their goal is to quickly place someone in the position you have open, they are not going to necessarily look for the best candidate. They are going to pick people form their supply that fit your need and move on to the next job.


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