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Executive Cover Letters

How to create powerful Executive Cover Letters

When you send in your executive resume to be reviewed, your first impression is your executive resume cover letter. Without a good cover letter, your resume may immediately find its way into the circular file on the floor.

So, how do you craft an executive cover letter that will get the attention from executive recruiters that you need?

Use this checklist:

Have an opening that gets attention – When a number of resumes are stacking up for one job opening, those resumes aren't going to get a lot of attention unless they grab the reader right away.   The first paragraph of your cover letter should let the reader know you want this job and that your skills are just what they need in the position. If your resume is not related to a specific job, then make sure you quickly let the reader know your skills and capabilities. 

Know who will be reading your resume – If you can, use the proper title and name of the person you are sending the resume to. If you're not sure, call their assistant or someone else in the company to find the proper title.  If you can't find out who will be reading it make sure it is addressed properly (Dear Sir or Madam).

Remember your focus - The person reading your cover letter and resume doesn't want your life story. Tell them what's important about you, relating to the job you want. They don't want to know about your personal life, they want to know about your professional life. You can talk about your most recent job or one that relates to the job you are seeking. This is where you want to tell the person reading why you have the qualifications they need to be the best candidate for this position.

Make it short, sweet and to the point – Read your cover letter over a few times before sending it out. Make sure you didn't use too many words. You don't need all the adjectives that we often put in our sentences. Pare down where you can.


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