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Executive Interview

How to Ace The Executive Interview

You've gotten the call, now you have to go in and interview for a new executive role. This is not your typical job interview. You can't squeak through an executive interview like you may be able to do for a lower level job. You need to be prepared.

Before the Interview

Anticipate what you are going to be asked – If you've been in your business long enough, you have a good idea what may be asked of you at an interview. Sit down and put yourself on the other side of the desk. If you were the interviewer, what would you be asking of a candidate?  Make a list of all the things you would want to know from a potential candidate and make sure you are ready to talk about those things. In all your answers, be positive and honest, and try to refrain from being too personal. This is a job interview, not a search for new friends.

Not sure where to start your list of questions? Some of the more popular ones are:

- Tell me about yourself.
- Why do you want to leave the job you have?
- Why do you want this job?
- What are your biggest accomplishments?
- What are your career goals?
- Why should you get this job?

Also be ready to talk salary if the topic comes up.

Interview Day

You are only going to get one chance to make a great impression. Don't mess it up by making bad judgment calls. Make sure you are not late. Instead, plan to be at least 15-30 minutes early. Take traffic, parking time and anything else that would slow you down into account. 

Make sure to be professional not only in dress, but in actions throughout the interview.

Once you get into the interview, you can ask questions. Early on, ask about the specific job and for details of the position. This way, you can tailor the answers you give to the rest of the questions to that specific position.

After The Interview

Just because you're out of the room doesn't mean the process is over. You need to write a thank you letter to the interviewer and mail it out immediately. 

Also, make a follow up phone call after a few days to a week to check on the interviewing process.

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