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Why The Executive Recruiter
Doesn't Always Call Back

You've found an executive recruiter or search firm that is hiring for jobs in your field. You put in your resume, but haven't heard anything. This can get extremely frustrating over time.  You may be wondering why they're not calling back, and wonder if they just don't like you as a candidate.

Relax. There are a number of reasons the executive recruiter may not have called yet. The most likely one is that they may not need you. Many recruiters are only going to call when they have a job that you are a prime candidate for. That job may not have come across the desk yet.

But there are ways to make yourself a little more likely to get that call back. 

Online Databases – If you have not put your resume up in online databases, you should. Many recruiters scan these databases to see who is in the market for a new job that may fit the positions they have available.

Visibility – Recruiters for higher-level positions are not going to look through an online database for their candidates, they are going to look for people who stand out in their field. If you want to be on their radar, you need to be involved in organizations and industry associations.

Expert Status- A quick way to get the attention of an executive recruiter is to make them see you as an expert. Every company would like to have an expert as their next executive. If there are trade publications in you field, write for them. Printed articles give credibility and an appearance of being an expert at what you do.

Connections – You no doubt know people in the industry, after being in the field for this long. Use those contacts. Let people know you are on the lookout for a new opportunity. If they hear about anything, or are chatting with their executive recruiter they may give you a referral.

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