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Career Networking Your Way to
Your Next Executive Job

Four out of five executive jobs are landed thanks to career networking, not seeing them on an executive job board. If your job search revolves around watching the classifieds for the right job, how many others are you missing out on? Each of those missed opportunities could be a number of days you are looking for a job, and not settling into the new position you had been hoping for.

So, how do you make sure you are hearing about those 80% of the jobs that are coming around, but aren't necessarily on the jobs board? Make sure you have the right connections by career networking to get to know as many relevant people as you can.

Once you are on the prowl for a new job, get out and let your world know. To enhance your career network, go to chamber meetings, organization gatherings, and any other groups that you are generally involved in and use this as your starting network. Find and make friends with executive recruiters in your industry.

Make sure people know you are searching for a new job. While they may not know of anything right away, down the road when someone mentions they are looking for an executive, they will remember what you said and recommend you for the position. Those people you networked with will also remember to tell you about the jobs they have heard of the next time they see you. You will suddenly hear of a number of jobs you had no idea were open.

You can also go to lectures, meetings and gatherings involving people in your field to meet new contacts and network with them. 

Essentially it's a game of numbers, the more people you talk to about your desire for a new job, the higher the number of chances you have that someone will know about a job that may be right up your alley. Just remember to keep your career networking targeted towards people that may be able to help you, and always be willing to give career networking and other help first. This will make people more likely to reciprocate and help you network your way to your next great job.

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