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How To Make Your
Executive Resume Stand Out

When you send your resume to an executive recruiter, you are not the only one hoping they will consider you when the next job comes across their desk. They are inundated with people just like you, executives looking for their next upward step on the corporate ladder.  The key to being thought of as a potential candidate sooner, rather than later, is to make sure you stand out.

With many executive recruiters, you can submit your resume online these days. The ease of this process means many more people are likely sending in their paperwork, to be piled up with yours. Here are a few tips to making yours rise to the top of the heap:

Make them see you in the inbox. Can you even imagine how much e-mail recruiters get for questions, resumes, and other business dealings, not to mention the junk mail we all get?  You need your e-mail to stand out. Be the organized e-mailer who puts the position name, your name, and the company name (if you have it) in the subject line of your e-mail, that way you are sure not to get lost.

If you know the specific position you want to get, make sure to gear your resume and cover letter to the job at hand, promoting why you would be the best person to meet the needs of that specific role.

Not all recruiters know about all companies across the country. Give them a short overview of the companies you have worked for on your resume (company size, income, industry). Also make note of the accomplishments you have made with each of those companies.

The top of your cover letter should have an executive profile. This is a short paragraph that lets them know of your experience and the traits and skills that make you the best candidate for their job.

Once your resume has been sent in, wait a little while, and then send a follow up e-mail to make sure the recruiter got the first one. You can even attach the resume again to the second e-mail, as a just in case scenario.

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