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Oklahoma Executive Search Firms

In Oklahoma you can expect to herd sheep, drive cattle and see people being lead to success. With agriculture running though its veins this really is one of the leading States of beef cattle which puts meat on the bones of the economy. In addition to its red meat, Oklahoma is also a leading provider of hogs, broilers (young chickens), sheep, lamb, turkeys, dairy and wheat products. In fact, wheat is the State’s most valuable crop which puts it in the number four position as a provider of this valuable produce. It is also a veritable haven for greenhouse and nursery products with cotton, hay, soybeans, pecans, peanuts rye and watermelons.

Executive Recruiters

Here are several Oklahoma based executive search firms:

The Vet Recruiter - animal health search firm
With this executive recruitment company, ease is the name of the game in a calm ‘get the job done’ manner. With a vast array of veterinary roles, you always know where you stand and do not feel as though you are just being strung along…when you are desperate to find that next executive recruitment position this is the last thing you need


Andrews & Associates
A direct, speedy and honest executive search firm who will help you to secure that next executive recruitment position. By matching your skills to their relevant tax roles, they really do listen to what you have to say and act 100% on your behalf.


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