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Kansas Executive Search Firms

Edged by Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Colorado, Kansas is a centrally located state which provides a central hub for intermodal transportation, manufacturing, distribution and warehousing.

A major agricultural state often referred to as the “Breadbasket of the Nation”. Kansas blesses the eye with carpets of sunflowers fringing their discs with golden rays over seemingly endless fields and plains making this city a prominent leader in the production of beef and wheat. Corn doesn’t hide its light under a bushel either as it is the second most productive crop followed by soybeans, sugar beets and hay. The agricultural industry adds handsomely to the economy with commercial truck farming, poultry raising, dairy farming and fruit growing.

Kansas has agriculture firmly embedded in its roots which stem back to World War II but as times have moved on, government and trade outgrew farming in terms of employment and revenue.  Having said that, farming is still highly relevant as there are many industries which rely heavily upon it.

Kansas is also known as the farm state and quite rightly so as 90% of the land area is frequented with farms. In fact there are 64,500 farms in total producing wheat and cattle which contributes to nearly 80% of the state’s farm income.

With regard to revenue and recruitment, industries leading the way are wholesale, manufacturing, service sectors, and retail.  Manufacturing meets the employment needs of a sixth of the labor force with its major product being transportation equipment in the form of military planes, aircraft parts, missiles locomotive parts, truck parts, passenger cars and snowploughs.

Food processing takes a secondary value in the manufacturing industry with flour milling and meat grinding making the city a pioneer in flour production. Made up of a diverse economy which has been the major contributor to help it remain steady, 31% of the city opts for management and professional related work whilst 26% fill their wage packets by working in sales and office positions. Almost 16% of people choose recruiters in the service industry.  In total, 74% of staff are employed by companies whilst 13% choose to work for the government and 5% work on a self-employed basis. Companies with more than 5000 staff include Ford Motor Company and Sprint.

Major manufacturers in Kansas are Hallmark Cards, Harmon Industries and American Italian Pasta. The average salary per year is approximately $36,538 with a median household income of $41,069.

Executive Recruiters

Here are several Kansas based executive search firms:

Morgan Hunter
If you are passionate about growing in your career, this executive search firm is passionate about finding you the right company to do it with. If you want to work with an executive recruiter that takes the time to get to know you, builds up your trust and offers you complete security, you will be impressed with the positive contributions that this team will make to your career progression from day one.

B.E. Smith - Healthcare Executive Search
If you want to meet with executive search firms who are helpful, efficient and put you at ease the moment they shake your hand, you will not be disappointed with this friendly team. Not only do they have a sunny disposition but they keep you up to date with the status of each and every one of your applications, they also ensure that you are fully prepared for your interview. With a service like this, it is hard to fail!

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