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Washington Executive Search Firms

Washington is the capital of the USA, named after George Washington the first president of the United States. It has an expanding, diversifying economy which nowadays leans less towards federal government employment and more towards business and professional skills. Home to five Fortune 500 companies, it holds a large framework of professional bodies which include public relations, law and architecture. It is also a driving force for worldwide real estate investment.

The economy is boosted from income sources primarily within computer programming, private health care, engineering companies and law firms. Washington is in fact, home to one of the largest developers and publishers of computer software in the world which provides a major boost to the economy. Backing up these figures are insurance, finance and real estate services along with a prominent banking and insurance company. Wholesale trades including wholesale grocery items, computer/office equipment, automobiles, industrial supplies and construction materials also make a substantial contribution to the stability of the market as does the retail trade with its many discount stores, grocery outlets and restaurants.

In fact, two or three retailers stand out in particular as having played a significantly positive role in the economy and these are namely, Starbucks, and Nordstrom. The most commonly listed companies seeking employees are as follows…

General Dynamics

Executive search firms are in high demand as professional and management jobs are enthusiastically snapped up by a whopping 51% of the nation.  Sales and office positions are targeted by 17% of employees and service occupations gives its authority to 14% of workers.

Over 60% of the work force is employed by companies while almost 25% work for the government and just 5% are self-employed. Typical jobs regularly advertised are… Software Engineer Posts Systems Engineer Jobs Project Management Administrative Assistants The average salary in Washington D.C. is $49,162 with a median household income of around $47,221.

Executive Recruiters

Here are several Washington based executive search firms:

KAS Placement
There are three words to describe this executive search firm for sales and marketing professionals, energetic, inspiring and challenging. Put these together and you have a team of people who act with honesty and integrity with everyone that they come into contact with. Build a strong career with a company that promises to recognise, deliver and reward.

Academic Search
This executive search firm is distinctly different from all of the others because its executive search consultants have the unique ability to think along the same lines as you. Therefore you can be sure that they position themselves on the pathway to your prosperity which will lead you to career satisfaction and progression.

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