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Maine Executive Search Firms

For many years Maine has struggled when it comes to boosting its economy. A combination of poor soil, a remote location setting it apart from industrial and commercial centers and a short growing season, this State has never been able to flourish in terms of development and population growth.

Shipbuilding, lumbering and textiles had their moments in the past but these have been short lived and were overtaken by other states which have always left Maine struggling to make ends meet.

During the 1980s Maine decided to stand up and be counted by making some transformations which allowed it to yield a healthier looking economy. It set up industries in service, trade and finance sectors where Portland experienced the largest growth and along with some beautiful island resorts, breathtaking coast line and enticing outdoor life, it is no wonder that this State attracts tourists and is an ideal place to retire and feel close to nature. Manufacturing is the dominant contributor to Maine’s economy with wood and paper products leading the way. Although the requirement of leather products has declined throughout the years, food products and equipment for transportation are still very much needed.

Being rich in minerals with a variety of different granites, peat, sand and stone, Maine contributes heavily to the construction industry. With an erratic climate and poor soil, the State has never been able to cultivate wealth in agriculture. To compensate for this, it has focussed on dairy farming, market gardening, poultry raising and egg production. Apples, hay and blueberries are the top of the crops and aquaculture (the farming of aquatic organisms such as molluscs, aquatic plants and crustaceans) is starting to gain value in importance and has a positive impact on the region in terms of monetary gain.

Executive Recruiters

Here are several Maine based executive search firms:

PSI Careers
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Specializing in placements within the within the Environmental Health, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industries, this executive search firm will provide that next rung on the career ladder.  You will breathe a sigh of relief when you register as not only do their executive search consultants look at your qualifications and career history, they also get to you know you as an individual.


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