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Chicago Executive Search Firms

If you are on the hunt for an executive role, Chicago is certainly the place to set your sights.  Management, executive and other professional occupations pull in 30% of the workforce. Sales and office jobs occupy just over a fifth of the population and service work ranks in 22%. Nearly 75% of the city is in salaried employment whilst 12% choose to work for the government and 5% work on a self-employed basis.

Chicago’s economy is based on a strong foundation of printing and publishing firms. It is, in fact ranked second place after New York in the publishing industry, producing educational material, catalogs, magazine publications and nationally distributed newspapers. For those who have a penchant for the sweeter things in life, there certainly won’t be any disappointment when looking for work in the candy capital where food processing makes a primary contribution to the economy.

Number crunchers also have their piece of the pie with finance and insurance firms pulling in the big bucks. If you enjoy assembly work, manufacturing companies produce goods ranging from agricultural equipment, office machines, soap, musical instruments and surgical appliances. This means that the employment rate is rapidly on the increase.

Chicago is also a humble abode for 12 S and P 500 companies which include McDonalds, Motorola and Kraft Foods.

Executive Recruiters

Chicago based executive search firm

DHR International
DHR International is a name which promises to be at the top of its game forever. This company is different from other recruiters in the sense that they offer a unique blend of enthusiasm, innovative processes and unsurpassable levels of customer service. This is not just a highly reputable executive search firm, this is a highly reputable executive recruitment name which is constantly upheld through its honesty and promises that they always keep.


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