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Georgia Executive Search Firms

With Atlanta as its capital and being centrally based, Georgia is the most rapidly expanding city within the U.S.

With its commercially diverse environment and community of worldwide commerce, Georgia  is primed in the perfect location for international business to evolve and accommodates over 2,600 internationally owned businesses corresponding to 52 countries. Executive search firms are rich with their own experienced business professionals who can help people to amplify their businesses across the globe.

Whether you reach it by land, air or sea Georgia will provide you with a crossroads to the world. Executive search firms in this state can help a senior executive looking to conquer the world or someone on the lookout for the next level in their IT career, this city will satisfy all of your needs.

Of Georgia’s 700,000+ businesses, over 98% are small concerns employing a maximum of 500 employees, almost 95% of these are under the age of 50. 

After New York and Houston Georgia is also famed for having an impressive array of Fortune 500 companies within its boundaries and four Fortune 100 companies held within its soil including Home Dept, The Coca-Cola Company, United Parcel Service and Cingular Wireless.

The companies that recruit on a regular basis are:
Time Warner
Home Depot
Sun Trust Banks
First Data

Executive Recruiters

Here are several Georgia based executive search firms:

Smith James Group
If you are looking for the number one executive search firm in the executive search industry, you won’t be disappointed with the professionalism and dedication of this committed team. Rest assured that they will leave no stone unturned until they have found the perfect executive role for you.

Parker, McFadden Executive Placement and Search Service
This is an executive search firm that sticks like glue to their values and principles and as a result, have built a reputation that they are not prepared to risk. They continually build respectful, genuine, long-term relationships with both clients and candidates. Whether you are unemployed and looking for that lucky break or are looking for an executive search firm to escort you into that next executive role, this is a company who have fingers in a lot of pies so there is sure to be something that whets your appetite!

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