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Las Vegas Executive Search Firms

You can have a great time in Vegas but it just takes a lot of time because there is so much to see and do. Tourism packs over 37 million people to this city where visitors spend over $36.7 billion each year.

A fifth of jobs (20%) are gambling related.  The entertainment industry complements the dining and retail industries which have become attractions in their own right. Harrah’s Entertainment and MGM Mirage, the world’s two largest Fortune 500 companies can be found here along with many companies associated with electronic gaming machines.

This city is known as the Entertainment capital of the world and is renowned for casino and other forms of entertainment. It is viewed as the 28th most popular city in the USA. The most advertised Las Vegas jobs can be found with:

United Health Group
Medical Connections

The most popular occupations fall within sales and office roles with 26% of people working in a business related environment. Over 25% of people strive to make their country better by working within the service industry and 23% of people have gained skills to work in Professional and Management roles.

Executive Recruiters

Here are several Las Vegas based executive search firms:

Global Hospitality
This is an executive search firm which has key contacts in the hospitality industry and builds unique relationships with both clients and employers. They are proud to hold a dominant position in the executive recruitment industry and as a result, have many dynamic companies on their register.


Lucas Group
If you are looking for executive search firms who know how frustrating executive placements can be, you will receive plenty of tender loving care with these guys. So place your job search worries in their hands and walk out feeling lighter and confident that the ideal post will soon be coming your way


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