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Florida Headhunters

Florida's GDP is one of the fastest-growing in the nation, with tourism making up the largest sector of the state's economy. The second largest is agriculture and then Phosphate Mining. Florida produces the majority of citrus fruit grown in the US, being one of the largest states East of Mississippi.

ExecutiveTrumpet provides a fast, proven and effective way for you to connect with specific headhunters in Florida.

Instead of sending your resume to one Florida headhunter at a time, you can now have your resume placed in front of multiple headhunters that recruit for your industry, function, salary level, job level and region in Florida.

With Executive Trumpet, you can connect directly with headhunters from over eighty functions and eighty industries including Sales, Marketing, Technology, Human Resources, PR, Operations, Retail and many more.

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Florida Headhunters

College Executives
Run by Frances J. Morris, College Executives specializes in the for-profit sector of higher education. They also cover the healthcare and training sectors. Based in Lakeland in Florida, and established in 1996, this headhunter focuses on quality, integrity and performance.


Priority Search International, Inc.
This retained and contingency headhunter was created in 1973 and covers the United States, Canada and South/ Central America. Based in Maitland in Florida, they cover industries such as education, healthcare, legal, marketing and medical. They specialize in placing candidates with an established job history.


Avondale Search International, Inc.
The president of Avondale Search International Inc is Ms. Margot E. Finley and this headhunter has been operational since 1996. It covers retained searches and is based in Jacksonville, Florida.


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