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Denver is the most populated city within the state of Colorado, and in 2006 was named the 27th most populated city in America. Founded in the Gold Rush in 1858, Denver has attracted large corporations which have made it a key trading point in the US. The top industries in the city include; Government, Telecommunications, and Technology.

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With ExecutiveTrumpet, you can connect directly with executive headhunters in over eighty functions and eighty industries including Banking, Sales, Marketing, Retail, Human Resources, Software, Technology and many more.

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Adept Business Solutions (ABS) Inc.
This headhunter focuses in providing nationwide services in both permanent and contract technology staffing. They also cover management consulting and information technology sectors. Established in 2001, they cover the United States and also Canada.

Remy Corporation

This headhunter covers both contingency and retained searches as well as interim staffing. Created in 1999, Remy Corporation covers the United States, Canada and Mexico. They search in over fifteen industries including software, Internet, financial and biotechnology. They state that cost, qualifications and commitment are key to a successful placement.

OakBridge Inc.
Established in 2000 as Oakbridge Inc, this headhunter was originally known as Oak Associates which was started in 1981. Currently covering the United States, Asia and Western Europe, they have provided their services to over 500 American and European international clients. They perform retained searches and cover industries from healthcare to legal.

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