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Sales Executive Headhunters

What does a sales headhunter do?

Typically appointed by an organization that has a requirement for a new sales executive or executives, a sales executive headhunter will search the market to find people that are already demonstrating their success in a broadly similar role and will approach them with a view to seeing if they would be interested in considering a new position.

After an initial and typically very discreet contact, if the candidate shows interest then the sales executive headhunter will move forward into more formal evaluation as to the suitability of the potential candidate.

Once they have satisfied themselves that there is a close match between the employers’ requirements and the individual concerned, they will usually make appropriate introductions and allow the recruitment process to continue.

Sales executive recruiter companies

The McCandlish Group – finding specialist sales executives since 1999.

The Gould Group – based in Clifton Park NY, they provide sales specialists to a wide range of industry sectors.

Renascent Solutions – a Seattle WA based organization specializing in the recruitment of sales executives for the high-technology and related sectors.

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