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Texas Headhunters

Home to the second most Fortune 500 companies, Texas is also the second largest state in terms of both area and population. With many Texas headhunters residing in both Austin and Houston, it is a thriving state for employment opportunities. Texas has been ranked as the number one state for export revenues. The main industries range from timber to aerospace.

ExecutiveTrumpet provides a fast, proven and effective way for you to connect with specific headhunters in Texas.

Instead of sending your resume to one Texas headhunter at a time, you can now have your resume placed in front of multiple headhunters that recruit for your industry, function, salary, job level and region in Texas.

With Executive Trumpet, you can connect directly with headhunters from over eighty functions and eighty industries including Oil and Gas, Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Human Resources, PR and many more.

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Executive Recruiters

CSI Executive Search
Established in 1997 the company has a high profile working with national, regional and international client companies. CSI Executive Search is a national retained and contingency headhunter specializing in executive level candidates in IT, Legal, Engineering, Management and many more sectors.


Liberty Group
Specializing in all industries, Liberty Group deal with a range of different sized companies from the Fortune 500 companies to smaller independent businesses also. Being formed in 1977, Liberty Group has extensive thirty-year knowledge as a Texas headhunter, with the original founder still in the position of President.


Premier Recruiting Associates
Founded by Larry Cox, who has over twenty-five years experience in the executive recruitment industry with Premier Recruiting Associates being formed in 1996. With diverse experience in many sectors


Executive Connections
This headhunter boutique covers executive and management positions who work within the technology industry primarily. They also cover other sectors including graphic arts, media, engineering, and logistics.


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Of course, if you'd prefer to search for headhunters in other areas, we do have headhunter listings in serveral U.S. and Canadian cities to help to give you a start.

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