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How to Become a Target for Headhunters

There has never been a better way to improve the self-esteem and raise the confidence than knowing that you were headhunted for that lucrative managerial role or executive career promotion. Feeling valued for the exemplarily way that you performed your last job is a marvellous feeling and one which will reward you with a handsome salary which could range from $75,000 to $250,000 plus.

But how do you raise the bar and make yourself stand out from the crowd? Simply by over achieving in your present post. Make your head a target for success by implementing some of the following steps into your current workload and watch the doors opening for those executive recruitment opportunities.

1. Dream the dream
Drive your company forward by having a vision of what you want to achieve and carrying out. Then set about making that dream a reality using your creative talents. Creativity is the spark that can turn you into a successful flame, the torch which will shine powerful and strong and attract those headhunters you want to impress. So put your thinking cap on and turn those project mountains into molehills by planning every step of the way which will lead to a successful outcome.

2. Talk the Talk
Show that you can communicate with people from all walks of life. Communication is considered the second most important skill for people in managerial and executive positions. Make your communication clear and concise with regard to responsibilities, goals, expectations and staff performance but don’t be afraid to give constructive feedback. Be open and honest with your colleagues and demonstrate your ability to motivate and support them so as results are achieved with enthusiasm and success.

3. Put your head on the chopping block
It is a dead cert that you will come up against hurdles, parameters and red tape along the way. Demonstrate your ability to rise above these challenges and work within the limits presented. Show that with good background knowledge, you can work around any obstacles and still produce the results that you set out to achieve. Show that you can think on your feet and take responsibility for any unforeseen consequences.

4. Stay one step ahead
Demonstrate your dedication and commitment to succeed by keeping team spirits raised, even when things look pretty grim. Show that in the middle of a difficulty, there lies opportunity.

5. The milk of human kindness
Don't distance yourself from you colleagues by hiding under a veil of authority. Let your inner light shine through and show your human side. A team that is united forms a very strong bond. Show your lighter side and let your sense of humour take over from time to time, not only will it lighten the load for your team but it will make even the most complex tasks more endurable.

6. Go that extra mile to become noticed
Take on any new challenges and opportunities which you can add to enhance your resume. Build up a strong reputation with the peers in your industry and let the ‘powers that be’ know that you are actively looking for promotion. Then demonstrate this by proving that your actions speak louder than your words.

So go on, start taking those positive steps to reaching for the moon with your career goals. You never know, if you fall short, you could still land on a star!

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