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Located in the American Mid-West, Illinois is the 5th most populous state. Chicago is Illinois’ largest city with a population of almost 3 million, over 2 million more than the next largest city, Aurora. Chicago’s main industries are agriculture, mostly wheat and corn, and mining, as Chicago has huge coal mining potential, not to mention some oil in the south. Illinois is home to HQ of numerous world leading companies, including Kraft and McDonald’s.

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Armada Resources, Inc.
Armada Resources, Inc. are based in Libertyville, Illinois. We focus on satisfying precisely specific requirements and needs of our clients in human resources. They focus on positions in IT, manufacturing, healthcare, engineering and finance.

Christopher David & Associates

Christopher David & Associates is a management recruitment firm that covers the Chicago area. Industries they cover include Business-to-business, Information Technolog,y Business Intelligence, Financial Services, Global Market Research, and Telecommunications. Functional areas include: Inside/Outside Sales Executives, Account Managers, Project Managers, Sales Directors, Vice Presidents.

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