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Executive Recruiters in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is located in the North East of America and is one of the 13 founding states. It’s main industries include Steel, Coal and pharmaceuticals. The states largest cities are Philadelphia and Pittsburgh respectively.

ExecutiveTrumpet provides a time-saving, proven and effective way for you to connect with targeted executive search firms, executive recruiters and headhunters in Pennsylvania.

Rather than send your resume to one Pennsylvania search firm, recruiter or headhunter at a time you can now just fill out one form and have your resume go to recruiters that recruit for your industry, function, salary level and region in San Diego.

With ExecutiveTrumpet you can connect with targeted search firms or management recruiters in 8 regions across the US and Canada covering over 80 job functions and 80 industries, including, Pharmaceutical, Digital, Technology, Manufacturing and many more.

Click here to connect directly with multiple, targeted, top executive recruiters in your industry in Pennsylvania.

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Software Specialists
Software Specialists is an established technology search firm with over 15 years of experience in helping major corporations find the right software management, developers and IT staff.

Pharma-Cruiting is a top search firm with its headquarters in Philadelphia. They  specialize in the mid-to-senior level executive recruitment and headhunting. Key recruitment areas are in the in Life Sciences and include Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Personalized Medicine, Molecular Diagnostics, Clinical Laboratory and Clinical Research. They cover Pennsylvania and the United States.

Jacobs Management Group
Jacobs Management Group focuses on executive search and recruitment mainly in the healthcare space. This includes pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology. They also cover high-tech and technology positions. They have over twenty years fo experience in executive recruitment.

Executive Recruiters

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