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Unemployment is declining slowly and the confidence of job seekers is constantly being zapped. Add to this the number of companies who have slapped a ‘freeze hire’ clause into the mix and you have a nation laden with companies who are no longer employing and no longer firing.  Executive search firms and executive recruiters can help you to go two steps forward…

When it feels as though the world has given up on you, hand over all of your employment worries to executive search consultants who have almost made it an eleventh commandment to keep your name etched firmly on the minds of employers, even those who may have declined your application three months ago.  Some companies are clawing their way back from the credit crunch better than others and although that same company may not have had a position waiting for you in the past, things may now be different.

Executive search firms take all of the uncertainty out of your job applications
For example, you may often send your applications to employers but never hear from them, not even with the dreaded rejection reply. Although this can be disheartening, in many cases, your email may never have actually reached the employer and could have ended up in their spam folder or simply got lost on its way to them.

Executive search firms spread the good news
These hard working guys really do make it public knowledge that you are keen, eager and really do mean business. They seek out employers from an intricate network including recommendations from inside sources. This valuable grapevine gives you the flexibility to apply for jobs that your competitors may not even know about.

Executive search firms work busily away in the background, seeking those valuable leads and gaining information about vacancies which may be hovering in the pipeline.  By matching your key skills, experience and availability with jobs that are sourced through contacts and recommendations, executive search firms can create job openings and encourage new positions which they can offer to you before they are even penned into an advertisement.

Executive search firms are worth their weight in gold as they represent job seekers at the highest level and act as a conduit between you and a potentially high salaried management position. In many cases, you were probably made unemployed through no fault of your own and were simply a victim of staff cutbacks rather than any inadequacies on your part. This is why it is always good to remain on speaking terms with your present employer as executive search firms are likely to contact them to verify your credentials.  All positive information that you provide will be used as a stepping stone to promote you to the top dogs.

Executive search firms go the distance
Cut yourself some slack and widen your horizons when considering the distance you are prepared to travel for work. Although it may be convenient for you to stay local, some executive search firms may have a remarkable job waiting for you further away.  Many candidates weigh up the odds and find some offers to good to refuse. They are even prepared to up sticks and relocate if job offers are coming in thick and fast from a region which is flourishing after the credit crunch rather than just starting to get back onto its feet. It is far better to be spoilt for choice than to have hardly any choice at all.

Executive search firms - building mighty oaks from little acorns...  No stone is left unturned when it comes to keeping the database brimming with high income bracket recruitment opportunities.

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Connect with the right recruiters in 3 simple steps:

1. Choose the recruiters you wish to target based on salary level, industry, function and region.

2. Add your cover letter and attach your resume.

3. Choose your package.

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